10 Million

If you support responsible and creative use of media for education and empowerment, and seek sustainable solutions for reforming society and govt in ways that are ethical, Constitutional, and culturally inclusive of people from all classes, colors, and creeds (whether religious, secular, or politically biased beliefs), I invite you to join this national campaign: * To launch Media Contests with Songs, Rap and Poetry, Music and Dance Videos (yes, that means promoting YOUR talents, skills and ideas to help YOUR community) * To raise $10 million to reclaim public radio stations as HQ for organizing resources; and * To invest directly in solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems otherwise exploited by partisan politics for corporate profits at taxpayer expense. Because we, the taxpayers, are owed: * an estimated $24 billion from the federal govt shutdown due to unresolved conflicts over ACA provisions in the federal budget (where mandates and insurance payouts v