10 Million

If you support responsible and creative use of media for education and empowerment, and seek sustainable solutions for reforming society and govt in ways that are ethical, Constitutional, and culturally inclusive of people from all classes, colors, and creeds (whether religious, secular, or politically biased beliefs), I invite you to join this national campaign:

* To launch Media Contests with Songs, Rap and Poetry, Music and Dance Videos
(yes, that means promoting YOUR talents, skills and ideas to help YOUR community)
* To raise $10 million to reclaim public radio stations as HQ for organizing resources; and
* To invest directly in solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems
otherwise exploited by partisan politics for corporate profits at taxpayer expense.

Because we, the taxpayers, are owed:
* an estimated $24 billion from the federal govt shutdown due to unresolved conflicts over ACA provisions in the federal budget (where mandates and insurance payouts violated political beliefs on both left and right, leaving over $10 billion still contested)
* billions in environmental damages from corporate abuses of govt
(for example, an estimated $1.6 billion in S&L junk bond bailouts over the MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber scandal that destroyed the Headwaters Forest ecosystem in California, and the $500 million disputed Solyndra contract under Obama)
* millions if not billions wasted on destruction of national historic landmarks by tax money funneled to corporate developers (Freedmen's Town in Houston being a glaring case, with a long well-documented history of abusing govt funds and authority)

This proposal is for workers, taxpayers, voters and party members, donors and leaders
who are fed up with our labor, taxes and resources being exploited, abused and wasted,
to UNITE in demanding REIMBURSEMENT for above contested and unauthorized abuses,
and to INVEST shares in restitution into rebuilding our communities.

We don't have to agree on all the diverse beliefs or campaign promises that were violated, in order to demand reimbursement. We can still agree to DONATE our shares to the solutions or party platforms we believe in funding instead, so that people of all parties can finance and manage their own programs they believe in supporting. We don't have to agree in order to unite; as the several states claim sovereignty by democratic representation, so can the parties be used to organize people of like beliefs without imposing on other parties with equal rights to their own representation.

For the $24 billion owed to taxpayers as the estimated cost of the federal shutdown over ACA budget conflicts, dividing that by 300-400 million American citizens averages $60-80 or about $70 per head.

To raise $10 million, that's $2 million for each of the 5 public radio station cities under Pacifica (WBAI in NY, KPFK in LA, KPFA/KPFB in Berkeley, KPFT in Houston, and WPFW in DC).

If supporters of each of 5 sites rally 29,000 people each (or 145,000 total) who agree to donate their $70 share to this national campaign, that's over $2 million per 5 sites to make the $10 million goal.

* For Patriots, who oppose ACA for Constitutional reasons, I propose collecting $76 each to represent the American spirit of '76. Please see in the comments, posted lyrics for contests for Constitutional education videos that are free for Tea Party Patriots to use to take back public radio, and get solutions out to the people we can believe in instead of empty campaign promises that waste millions in "hot air time" just to buy our votes. (NOTE: If you prefer other options to Pacifica public radio, I suggest donating to TALK AMERICA NETWORK, where Dallas founder Ron Phillips lost his server equipment to a fire and deserves help to rebuild and expand their outreach and affiliates as well; Project Veritas, or any other independent media. See www.freedom.press or www.indymedia.org We can even host contests between leftwing and rightwing to raise more money for favorite stations, shows, or hosts by which team can produce better videos or songs that more donors vote for with their dollars!)

* For progressive supporters of secular humanist arguments for restorative justice prison reforms and universal health care, I propose to collect $77 each, in honor of the 77th Birthday of Ray Hill, founder of the KPFT Prison Show known worldwide, as well as the Birthday of Dr. Obidike Kamau, elected Program Director of KPFT in Houston, to whom I dedicate this campaign as a Surprise Birthday Gift.

A REAL surprise if it actually works!

Everything else in Houston has escalated to catastrophic proportions following Harvey, I'd like something even greater to come out of the storms that hit us on multiple fronts.

Below, and in the comments, are ways I would propose organizing and launching a 5-point campaign to raise $10 million to save our public radio stations, to promote local talent and production to rebuild our communities in every state across the nation, and to to lobby for better leadership and solutions to save America from fear-based politics destroying our resources, relations, country and environment.

As these proposals develop, I will present them as thanks to Dr. Kamau, Ray Hill, Bill Crosier, and the rest of the progressive and public radio community.

I support the board and leaders of Pacifica Radio in bringing these plans to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Education Director Juliet Stipeche, who are both KPFT supporters and speakers at Pacifica fundraising development events.

Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY
to Ray Hill and Dr. Obidike Kamau

May you and other leaders at KPFT/Pacifica effectively unite and expand community teams to grow stronger, and rise to the highest levels of media outreach and govt, to influence public vision and direction of our national leaders toward truly equal justice and peace.

5-point proposal for $10 million capital drive campaign

$2 million each for

WBAI to focus on women's outreach, recovery, restitution, and resources invested in a sustainable business fund to help women recovering from rape, trafficking and other abuses, with a special focus on women in business, education, and community development. See www.stoprapenow.net and www.stoprapenow.us

KPFT to focus on prison reform toward restorative justice, especially on defunding the death penalty to give taxpayers equal choice to fund universal care and to transform detention and mental health facilities into medical programs, internships and services in each district to meet public demand. (Based on sustainable campus plans for public housing reforms under HOPE VI: www.campusplan.org as co-authored by a team led by Nia Becnel and Lenwood Johnson, and signed by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and former HUD director Henry Cisneros, currently taken over by Dr. Ben Carson. See also the expanded plans to restore the entire Freedmen's Town historic settlement as a campus district including Veteran housing with integrated health and social services www.freedmenstown.com)

KPFA to focus on environment corrections, protections and restoration including sustainable financing of environmental jobs, clean energy development, education and restoration work through restitution owed for corporate abuses of govt to destroy communities, environment, and health of people and planet. (And simultaneously, KPFB to focus on kids and nonpolitical family-friendly outreach to raise money through creative media and community projects to develop sustainable arts, education, youth, famiy and community centers and programs in every district.)

KPFK to focus on immigration and work reforms, including campus cooperatives to replace sweatshops and trafficking rings with sustainable campus housing, jobs, and social service programs that the abused workers and victims can own and manage as restitution invested in building self-governing city-states along the border. www.earnedamnesty.org www.rightsfortheworkers.org

WPFW in DC to focus on a truce between parties to recognize political platforms as political religions or beliefs, which cannot be imposed under penalty of law on people of dissenting beliefs without violating our equal Constitutional rights and protections. Thus, I will call for public campaign to "separate tax choices" where people have conflicting political beliefs, including on funding the death penalty vs. funding universal care.

This call for a truce can be launched by Nov 11 on Armistice Day and call for No Taxation without Representation and demand separation of political beliefs from govt, where political parties are treated equally as religious organizations and must have voluntary agreement by members to be under their policies in order to be required to fund them by the terms and conditions of their groups.

I ask Ray Hill and Dr. K's advice on challenging Obama and the Democrats on this argument that passing and enforcing ACA mandates violated Constitutional beliefs of people, including Democrats like me, who believe that a Constitutional Amendment is necessary before initiating such an expansion of federal govt. I want to challenge Democrats to demand $24 billion reimbursement of costs to taxpayers over the govt shutdown due to conflicting political beliefs over the ACA individual mandate, which averages to $60-$80 per American, and ask public citizens to join in this campaign to demand refunds and donate that to any of the Pacifica Stations above to raise $10 million to use each station to organize resources and leadership around solutions to each of these areas otherwise hijacked by corporate political interests instead of serving the public interest.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this proposal. Emily Nghiem Constitutionalist PM emilynghiem c/o www.usmessageboard.com


  1. Okay, because that initial draft of the pitch/proposal was OBVIOUSLY addressed and biased toward the left, this first Comment will contain all the right leaning Constitutional propaganda I wrote for contests to educate the public on Constitutional ethics, rights and protections.

    If you are a Patriot or an Anarchist who wants nothing at all to do with leftwing losers and liberals destroying their own party and govt, maybe these songs and humor are more your style.

    Please pick a liberal advocate, cause or leader you want to go to bat against.
    Pick a song and host a contest to produce a better video.
    Let the public vote by donating dollars to your favorite radio show or cause.

    That way, both sides win by raising money and publicity to promote what they believe in.

    * What Does the Law Say?

    * Judgment Call: The Last Commandment

    * God Hates America
    Spoof on Westboro Baptists and God Bless America

    * Obama Gangsta Style

    * Civil Rap (Bill of Rights set to remix of Tom's Diner)

    * Unconstitutional

    * Rules Don't Apply

    * Hypocrites

    * Natural Laws/Old-Fashioned Common Sense

    * Equal Rights Small Govt

    * I'm a Moderate

    Please feel free to update, revise the lyrics, produce
    contest and enjoy!

  2. http://www.usmessageboard.com/threads/constitution-song-to-the-tune-of-hallelujah-by-leonard-cohen.465776/

    I heard there was a natural law
    That governs man as one with God
    And this is what inspired our Constitution
    But slavery was a major flaw
    Dividing states that went to war
    Still fighting to this day for resolution
    Our Constitution, our Constitution,
    Can we restore the meaning
    of our our Constitution

    See www.constitution.org Constitution Society/Jon Roland on meetup.com Constitution group 34


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